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We are based at Nuthampstead airfield, just 12 miles south of Cambridge and 4 miles south of Duxford.

We have the convenience of having the Barkway VOR (BKY) situated at the extended threshold of runway 05.

With only seven aircraft here, there is never a traffic jam!

We have an online booking system that is very easy to use.



During WW2, this was the base for the 398th Bomb Group, operating B17 Flying Fortress's. There was also some P38 Lockheed Lightnings based here.

Want a good meal in the local area?. Get down to

The Woodman-Inn.

10 minute walk (max) from Nuthampstead Airfield.

 Worth the walk to see the 398th memorial.

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Ostend International 22.10.2016

Ostend International


To provide members with the flying experience they want, at a price they can afford. G-Buys Flying Group is a non-profit alternative to aircraft rental.


Members are equal owners and shareholders. The mission is to provide pilots with a well-maintained, well-equipped aeroplane at the lowest possible cost.


The Robin Regent  DR400/180 has proved to be the best allround choice for a four seat tourer - great load lifter - good turn of speed (120 knots economical cruise). Fixed pitch prop and fixed U/C makes for lower maintenance.



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Francis Spear


The founder of the group