Our aircraft is a DR400/180 “Regent”. It was purchased new in 1993.

Total time on airframe is approx 2688 hours at 1/6/2020. The engine has been replaced with

a refurbished unit by NORVIC (2015) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

The Private Category ARC  has been renewed (April 2021).


The aircraft has ALWAYS been hangared. It has had no accidents apart from minor

"hangar rash" type incidents.

There was an issue a some years back over DR400 main spars.

The aircraft was returned to the factory and was inspected to

airworthiness directive 2001/194 and released to service,

and does not require further work.



                                1x Garmin GNC 255A 8.33  NAV/COM-VOR/ILS 

                                1x King KX155  NAV/COM-VOR                  

                                1x King KR 87ADF

                                1x King Audio Panel

                                1x King KN 64 / DME

                                1x TRIGG mode S Transponder


Other equipment

2 X Altimeters

There are 4x Life Jackets owned by the group. There is a “McMurdo” portable locator beacon owned by the group.

There is a SEM 4 man life raft leased and maintained yearly by SEMS.

There is a full canopy cover and a pair of wing covers. Although the aircraft has always been hangared, the covers help to keep the paintwork fresh.

We also have a picketing (tie-down) kit for when the aircraft is away from base.

The Aircraft.....

The new lump

The new "Lump"!